2017 was a breakout year for Bionic.  Fresh on the heels of winning the “Best Agency Tool” ASPY award, we reached another milestone: more than $1 billion of new media investments were managed through Bionic in 2017, which is a 253% increase over the prior year.

This significant growth is a result of visionary agencies and advertisers who have pushed to get the most from Bionic. It demonstrates our clients’ commitment to transparency and accountability in an industry that is becoming ever more complex. It proves that it’s not only possible, but ideal to plan and track 100% of advertising media budgets in a single system, including all digital and traditional channels. And it’s a nice validation of our hard work to create the next generation of software for media planning, performance monitoring, and other aspects of media investment management.

There’s much more to come…

The product roadmap for 2018 is chock full of new capability that will empower you to manage your media investments like never before.

The success of any new software depends on customer involvement. We could not have achieved any of these milestones without the commitment of our amazing clients. We treasure your feedback and advice.