Netflix recommends your movies. Spotify recommends your music. Amazon recommends all kinds of things. Isn’t it about time for your media planning software to recommend your media plans?

Bionic has unveiled the Media Plan Recommender – a revolutionary new media planning tool that uses artificial intelligence to recommend the best media placements for your advertising campaigns.

Smarter Media Planning through AI

Bionic is all about smarter media planning. The Media Plan Recommender uses artificial intelligence to help you formulate better media plans by uncovering media programs you may not have otherwise considered.  The Recommender also improves your productivity by automating the process of adding habitual placements to your media plan.

Media Planning Can Be Overwhelming

At its core, media planning is the process of choosing the best places to advertise. What makes this job daunting is the virtually infinite set of options. You’ve got dozens of media channels, online and offline. Within each channel there are tens of thousands of media programs from which to choose.

Without Bionic, this process relies on obsolete ratings tools and imprecise human intuition, which is lost daily as media planners leave the job.

Using AI to Go Beyond Ratings

Ratings systems like Nielsen and comScore help you find media indirectly based on ratings and demographics from small samples of the population. In contrast, Bionic’s AI-powered Media Recommender helps you discover media directly based on actual media planning behavior.

Ratings systems are limited to a subset of placements in one or two media channels – like TV, radio, print, or digital. Ratings systems are also limited to a subset of geographies – like the US, UK, or Australia. In contrast, Bionic’s Media Recommender is universal – it works across every media placement in every media channel everywhere in the world.

Ratings systems can be very expensive. In contrast, you get the Media Recommender for free with Bionic for Agencies.

Using the Media Recommender is Simple

Building the artificial intelligence software behind the Media Recommender was insanely complicated. However, using it is simple. Any entry-level media planner can use this tool on their first day on the job.

Here’s how it works: When you create a new campaign, Bionic will immediately formulate and present you with a list of recommendations for your media plan. You simply select the ones you want to add to your media plan and reject the ones you don’t.

As you develop your media plans, the recommendations get smarter and smarter. It’s a great tool for generating new ideas based on media you already trust.

Here’s a video showing the Media Recommender in action:


How the AI Media Plan Recommender Works

Bionic’s Media Plan Recommender uses collaborative filtering which is same class of technology that powers Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, and other recommender systems.  Although the basic techniques are nothing new, Bionic’s Media Plan Recommender employs the latest breakthroughs in this field of artificial intelligence.

Bionic’s AI model has been trained by analyzing a novel, highly organized, and proprietary dataset of more than 600,000 advertising media placements from more than 7,000 advertisers and more than 40,000 media programs from more than 10,000 ad sales organizations. That’s a lot of good data.  Artificial intelligence thrives on good data.

Every Advertiser Gets Their Own Custom AI Recommender

Every advertiser has their own unique needs.  Bionic has built a different recommender model exclusively for each of your clients and has installed it in Bionic’s media planning software under their account with you.  This means when you create a media plan for your client, you will see a set of recommendations that are unique to that advertiser.  The recommendations for a particular advertiser be very different than the recommendations you get for your other clients.

The recommendations are driven by your experience with each of your clients.  With a brand-new client, the recommendations will not be very smart. However, once you create your first placement on their first media plan it will get smarter. With each placement and interaction with the recommendations, the smarter the AI will get. The more you use Bionic, the better your recommendations.

Will This AI Replace the Job of the Media Planner?

Some may wonder if this AI will replace the job of the media planner.  No, it will not.  In fact, it will elevate the capabilities of every media planner using this AI.

There are two kinds of artificial intelligence: “Terminators” and “Iron Man Suits.” The Terminators are AI machines that, once built, run on their own with no human input.  Conversely, the Iron Man Suits are AI machines that are built to protect and augment human abilities, with a human always at the helm making decisions.

Bionic is firmly in the camp of building Iron Man suits-style AI. In fact, it’s in our guiding belief. We believe this so strongly, it’s in our name: Bionic literally means enhancing human powers with technology.

Watch the Webinar

Below is the recording of the webinar on the new AI-powered media planning tool. This webinar gives you and overview of how the AI works and a live demonstration of the software in action.


How to Get the AI-Powered Media Plan Recommender

If you’re already using Bionic media planner, you already have the AI-Powered Media Plan Recommender. Your account was upgraded as part of your subscription, which includes free upgrades. Every one of your campaigns now includes a list of recommendations under a new “Research” tab. Please contact us for a live walkthrough.

If you’re not yet using Bionic for your media planning, you can learn more and sign up for a free trial on our website here: