Bionic today unveiled integration with Ad-ID in order to enable greater transparency and accountability in the advertising marketplace, eliminate costly errors associated with the inconsistent use of advertising asset identifiers throughout the advertising supply chain, and enable more granular audience measurement across multiple platforms.

Creative Assets Risk Loss in the Supply Chain

Advertising workflows are becoming increasingly digital and complex. Creative assets are transferred electronically through many parties in the advertising supply chain. Without a good system for uniquely identifying creative assets, there’s a high risk of misidentification and inaccurate reporting. This introduces legal risks related to artist rights and fouls advertising performance tracking.

Ad-ID Diligently Tracks Your Creative Assets

Ad-ID is the standard identifier in the United States for advertising assets across all media platforms. The system generated codes are universally unique and allow advertisers and agencies to easily differentiate assets from one another throughout the media supply chain without using separate proprietary codes.

Ad-ID was developed by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), and is the preferred ad identifier among major media publishers.

Integration of Ad-ID with Bionic

The integration with Ad-ID enhances Bionic’s Ads Tracking capabilities. All creative assets being tracked in Bionic for Agencies can now be tagged with their Ad-ID. These Ad-ID tagged assets display the Ad-ID metadata, which is retrieved from the Ad-ID system through its API.

The Ad-ID metadata includes advertiser name, brand name, product name, ad title, date created, copyright, version, agency name, language, length, bleed, color type, and other descriptive information.

How to Get Your Ad-IDs

Each of your creative assets needs its own unique Ad-ID to unlock its asset tracking capabilities.  You can acquire your Ad-IDs through the Ad-ID website at  To date, more than 3.5 million Ad-IDs have been created for 4,748 advertisers and 967 advertising agencies.

How to Get Ad-ID Metadata in Bionic

If you’re already using Bionic for Agencies, you already have access to Ad-ID metadata through Bionic.  Your account was upgraded with Ad-ID functionality as part of the latest software upgrade. You will notice a new Ad-ID field on your ad settings.  Simply enter the Ad-ID code and Bionic will instantly retrieve the associated metadata from the Ad-ID API and display it in Bionic.

If you don’t yet have Bionic, you can request a trial here: