“Social distancing” is disrupting the workflow of media planning teams. Bionic is here to help you keep your media planning team operating with minimal disruption.

Although a relatively small thing, we hope this brings stability and order to this part of your life during this time of uncertainty.

Work from Anywhere

Bionic for Agencies is 100% cloud based, with no software to install or special setup required. Bionic works on Macs and PCs and the full range of web browsers. All you need is an internet connection, and you are good to go.

Securely Access all Your Work

Bionic employs bank-grade security and end-to-end encryption to give you secure access to your work wherever you are in the world. You can access all your clients, every media plan, every creative asset, performance reports, and everything else.

Work Collaboratively

Bionic was built from the ground up with remote collaboration in mind.  Unlike any other system, Bionic gives you real-time collaboration that keeps everyone on the team literally on the same page.

You can be working on the same media plan at the same time and not clobber each other’s work. It’s kinda like Google Docs, but actually built for the job of media planning.

Bionic is always saving so you never lose any work. It keeps a complete history of changes and gives you a super-undo function for any changes you need to back out.

Feel More Connected

Working away from your coworkers can get lonely. When a colleague pops into your media plan on Bionic, you’ll hear an audio alert and see their face pop up. You see where your coworkers are working on the media plan and see their updates instantly.

Easily Adjust Advertising Start Dates

The best laid plans go awry, particularly in times like these. Has your client asked you to change all the dates on a big media plan? Bionic gives you a batch function to change all the start dates. End dates will adjust accordingly if you are using intelligent end dates feature.

Tap in For a Teammate

Do you need to substitute for a teammate who is temporarily unable to work? Even if you’ve never worked with their clients, Bionic will give you a complete picture of the relationship with each client.

Once you are granted access to the client’s workspace, you’ll instantly gain access to their customizations, their settings, every campaign, every media plan, all creative assets, advertising schedule, advertising flowchart, and performance data.

Bionic will enable you to seamlessly pick up the work while your co-worker is down. And when they return, they will see your work and pick up right where you left off.

Spin up a New User, Fast

Need to add someone new to your media planning team? That’s easy with Bionic.  Customer support can do this for you, or your account admin can set up new users instantly through your user administration console. Either way, it just takes a few minutes to get a new user up and running.

Unlimited Free Training and Support

You get unlimited free training and support from Bionic. Call us, email us, or chat with us any time for any reason. We’re here for you!

Media Planning at a Distance Webinar


Here’s a replay of the “Media Planning at a  Distance” webinar presented by Casey McClay and Joe Pych on Thursday, April 2, 2020.

Get Free Access to Bionic

If you’re not already on Bionic, you can gain free access as part of the Coronavirus Aid for Media Planning Teams program. Please let us know how we can help you get through this difficult time.

Please be safe and stay healthy!