Bionic today unveiled new ad sales tools that enable ad salespeople to respond to media planner RFPs in minutes instead of hours. The biggest time saver is a new file uploader that imports WideOrbit, Strata (Freewheel), Tapscan, and ProposalXML and creates beautiful flowcharts. Other time savers include a new clone tool, a new batch edit tool, and a completely redesigned proposal management interface.

Direct ad sales are clean and profitable, but inefficient

Unlike programmatic media buying where the publisher only gets half the advertising investment, direct ad sales are more profitable because it cuts out intermediaries and maximizes revenue for the ad seller.

Direct sales are also more efficient for the advertiser because it maximizes working media, reduces ad fraud, and promotes a healthier ad sales ecosystem.

Unfortunately, the workflow of buying ads directly through traditional processes is extremely inefficient compared to programmatic buying methods.

Streamlining direct ad sales with Bionic

Bionic has been streamlining the direct ad sales process with Bionic for Ad Sales, a free tool that enables ad salespeople to reach hundreds of media planning teams while they are making media buying decisions. Recent innovations include:

This collection of tools is helping ad sales teams every day to win more business. However, the RFP Process is still ripe for improvement. Here are new tools that help you to respond to RFPs with minimal effort and maximum results.

Upload line items to your proposal

Creating a proposal by hand could take hours if it has lots of line items.  You can now create huge proposals in less than a minute with Bionic’s new upload tool. You can automatically create ad sales proposal line items by uploading ProposalXML files that are generated by WideOrbit, Strata (Freewheel), Tapscan, and other popular ad sales tools.

Simply hit the new upload button, select your file, and press the upload button to create your proposal in just a few seconds. Here’s a video of the tool in action:


Clone line items

Sometimes you need to add lines to your proposal that are like a line already in there. You can now create copies of that line with Bionic’s new clone tool.

Batch edit line items

Sometimes you need to update a bunch of lines in your proposal with the same information. Instead of tediously updating those lines one at a time, you can now edit them all at once with Bionic’s new batch edit tool.

Add color with beautiful flowcharts

As an added business, the Bionic proposal tool enables you to literally add color to your proposal with beautiful advertising flowcharts. This makes it easy for the media planner to understand the advertising calendar related to your proposal.

How to get Bionic ad sales proposal tools

If you’re already using Bionic for Ad Sales, your account has already been upgraded for free with all the latest tools. You will find the upload button and the flowchart tab the next proposal you create with Bionic. Don’t hesitate to contact support for assistance.

If you don’t yet have Bionic, you can get your free account here: