In advertising, simple questions like “what’s running today?” are way too hard to answer. It can be embarrassing. Bionic just eradicated this problem with a powerful new tool that gives you unprecedented insight into your advertising placements.

It’s Hard to Know Where Your Ads Are Running

It’s hard to know where your advertisements are running at any given point in time.  That’s because you can be running multiple campaigns on different platforms through many media channels with many placements with varying start dates, end dates, flighting, dayparting, and weekparting. The problem gets worse when you’re running ads all over the world through multiple agencies or brands.

Monitoring your day-to-day advertising has been practically impossible… until now.

Bionic Unveils Advertising Schedules

Bionic just unveiled a new advertising schedule tool that gives you unprecedented transparency into your advertising plans. It shows you exactly which advertisements are running, how much you are spending, and what business outcomes to expect from your advertising investments.  It gives you complete transparency into where your advertising investments are going at any point in time.

You can see a high-level rollup of your advertising campaign schedules or drill down to see your detailed placement schedules.

What to Expect When You’re Advertising

By default, Bionic will show you what’s running this week with a daily breakdown of net media cost exchanged into your local currency.  However, you can modify every aspect of this report.  You can change your reporting timeframe (next week, this month, next month, etc.), your granularity (weekly, monthly, etc.), your metric (impressions, spots, etc.), and your currency.

Clean Media Data is Rare, but Essential

If you’re operating in Excel or a crude media planning system, you can’t run reports like these because your media investment data hasn’t been organized properly. Most media plan data are unavailable because there’s no good system in place to process and store it.

In contrast, Bionic is the best system for organizing media investment data. It automatically breaks down all your KPIs into day-by-day goals, which is critical for generating reports like these. Bionic’s ability to clean, organize, and deliver your media data is unparalleled.

Using Schedules to Report on Past Results

You can use advertiser schedules to know both the future and the past.  You will notice that for every “planned” KPI there’s an associated “actual” KPI.  The actual KPIs report on past performance.  Choose a timeframe in the past (e.g. “last week”) and an actual KPI (e.g. “sales – actual”) and you’ll get a report on your past results.

How to See Your Advertising Schedules

If you’re already on Bionic, you’ll find the schedule tool next time you log in. Your Bionic software was automatically upgraded for free as part of your subscription.  You’ll now notice “Schedule” tabs throughout the system including:

  • On your home page

  • On every advertiser (agencies only)

  • On every agency (advertisers only)

  • On every campaign

Please chat, email, or call your Client Success Manager to learn more about this powerful new tool. Remember, you get unlimited free training and support with your Bionic subscription.

See Advertising Schedules in Action

Below is a video recording of the webinar we held showing off these new features:


How to Get Bionic

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