This video demonstrates the simple, yet powerful integration between Ad-ID and Bionic media planning software.

Lots of problems happen when advertising creative teams are disconnected from media teams, including late creative, rushed creative, format errors, and missed ad calls.

Bionic solves these problems by enabling you to track ad creative placements in your media plans and pull Ad-ID metadata into your media plans.

What is Ad-ID?

Ad-ID is an industry-standard service that assigns unique IDs to advertising creative assets. This reliable Ad-ID is used to track a creative asset through the advertising supply chain to ensure proper use and reporting. In addition, the Ad-ID links to metadata related to the creative asset such as advertiser, format, length, and categories.

How to get Ad-ID

Go to to get started with a free account. There is a cost for each unique Ad-ID generated by the service as explained in the video above.

How to get Ad-ID in Bionic

If you’re already using Bionic, you already got this integration as part of a free upgrade to your account. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support for help with this feature or any other.

If you don’t yet have Bionic, you can learn more and request a trial here: