2019 was a year of growth for the advertisers, agencies, and ad sales teams in the Bionic community. Thank you to all of you who have helped us to achieve these milestones! Although new year has just begun, we’re already on track to raise the bar again in 2020.

2019 by the Numbers

In 2019, 269 ad agencies spent $1.6 billion on behalf of 2,540 advertisers through 9,565 media plans comprised of 251,555 placements from a catalog of 44,334 media programs sold by 3,014 ad sales organizations. That’s an average of $165,700 per media plan.

Bionic for Advertisers

In March, Bionic for Advertisers was unveiled. This new app gives agencies the ability to share media plan data with clients. It gives advertisers unprecedented ability to analyze media spending and monitor media performance across all channels and all your agencies worldwide – including in-house agencies!

Bionic for Agencies


Bionic for Agencies attained the status of #1 rated media planning software by helping hundreds of agencies like Austin Williams, who gained a 50% productivity boost while simultaneously improving client service with new media planning software.

Throughout the year, Bionic for Agencies received dozens of upgrades including real-time collaboration, global media planning, advertising schedules, AI-powered media plan recommendations, tracking URL builder, and  Facebook ad monitoring.

Bionic Data Studio

In October, we introduced Bionic Data Studio which enables agencies and advertisers to create beautiful advertising dashboards on the Google Data Studio platform.

Bionic for Ad Sales

In November, Bionic for Ad Sales was enhanced to give ad sales teams new tools to improve their Catalog of Advertising listings, and to reach media planners.

Fun Events

We also got out of the office for some fun events. In 2019, Bionic helped raise $400,000 for BreastCancer.org and sponsored industry conferences including the ANA’s inaugural In-House Agency Conference.

Looking forward to 2020!

2020 is the start of both a new year and a new decade, for all of us and for Bionic.  Although Bionic was unveiled in 2013, work on it began in April 2010. This year will celebrate Bionic’s 10th anniversary. We’ve got plenty more innovation already planned for 2020.

As always, please let use know how we can better serve you!